Dark Forces in Digital Age

Now that Uhuruto won Kenya has finally got in to digital age, for they are the digital team who can’t tell android from I OS. All In all, it is great gesture as the future wars will be cyber wars and God forbid we have a C-I-C who can’t pull a trigger. That equals to just coding the first lines in Java and generating numerous bugs for our sophisticated virus (weapon) which make it  absolutely obsolete in the end.God help us when the war comes. The high brigade gets to form a highly nationalistic government which does shine bright like a diamond. It is so inspiring it wakes up the long forgotten poetic lines which make unequivocally no sense to the digital heads.

“The bright old day now dawns again; the cry runs through the land

In Capitol there shall be dear bread, in unaligned counties sword and brand

And poverty and ignorance shall swell rich and grand

So, rally round the rulers with fine gentle hand

Of the fine old Kenyan monarchist days, hail to the coming time

I am supposed to say this, am I? I heard from unconfirmed sources that I.D for the lack of a better acronym to his name, the wannabe hacker is now the chief when it comes to monitoring blogs and curtailing free speech on the interwebs. Wait jhsgfs…………………….Sorry, I must have dozed off on my keyboard. Why is there a dart on my neck?  No, three darts on my zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
 The dark forces appeared for the first time in our country when U.K and MaDVD discussed and came in to a pact that U.K was to step down for interests known to him and few people as the T.N.A front runner. A grant gesture if you ask me. Little did MaDVD know that his dream of leading this great country was going to be killed in less than a week. He went on to divulge what had happened to the fourth estate which nowadays has merged with the first and the second estates. The result is that we currently just have the cunning first estate and a highly polarised third estate. He got the shock of his life when the meeting with U.K and the decisions made were blamed on the dark forces which were lurking about in the board room and some courageous enough to infiltrate U.K’s mind and speak for him. Everything which happened on that day was to be forgotten immediately and blamed on the shameless dark forces which nearly led the great states man astray. I had no problem with the dark forces then, I never questioned their intentions as they did not concern me.
Dark forces have struck again. This time whispering to our president-elect his dear wife should hold the bible while he places his hand on it and swears to lead our great nation. This is not the norm, anywhere. If you are pledging your allegiance via a holy book you hold it up and speak. That is what Kibaki did, and Moi and his dad. Excuse me for assuming that dark forces have something to do with this. Wouldn’t this pave way for anybody in a court of law who feel they don’t have to hold the bible fully to invite their wife or husband to hold the bible for them while they just place their sweaty palms on top of it? I know I would do so and cite the precedent being set by our president. Here is another alternative which can defeat the dark forces at their own game. If U.K feels that the bible is too heavy, why not pull the bible app on his iPad and swear with it? After all, isn’t he the digital president? Or maybe he prefers another holy book like the Koran which also has an app. We will not blame him. Questions will only abound if he decides to go a mile ahead and request an Oxford advanced learners dictionary as it possess the same volume as the holy books.

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