It’s Lonely Here

I believe it’s a very wise sage person who said that insomnia is a bitch. If not, I say it now. It has been few cups of coffee down the line. The writer’s cups of coffee which sometimes are more destructive than helpful. It’s four in the morning and my eyes cannot even blink, let alone close for some sleep.

I open my windows 8 music app. It does not have any playlist and it displays “it’s lonely here”. The statement can’t be truer. It’s lonely here. It has been said that this has been the hottest month Nairobi has ever got. Temperatures averaging at 28 degrees and sometimes shooting to 32. Then just when we are getting used to the heat they plummet to 14. This is not what normally happens, actually it doesn’t happen.

We have been busy chasing politics looking forward to the elections. Maybe we haven’t noticed yet but these are effects of global warming. Jokes have been going round the social media that we need a president who will equalise the heat in Nairobi with the cold at the top of Mt. Kenya and create an equilibrium. Or maybe the sun has moved an inch closer to the earth and some other light remarks. The jokes will always be there, but will the heat always be ‘just enough’? Will it always see us to the end of the day and just when we get used to it we have freezing temperatures?

Earth is our home, until curiosity makes sure that mars can support life. Until we can travel through space at light speed (warp) and go past our solar system to find other class M planets and galaxies. We will not be here when that happens, if it ever happens. But there will be humans who will still exist. Will they be living in bunkers underground because the surface can no longer support life? Nobody seems to realise that this might actually happen. Not the politically charged governments or you, the individual.

When I was growing up our playground used to be the road adjacent to our home. The road was always muddy with small springs producing water all year round. The ditches on the sides where always full of water. Clean, unpolluted water which nobody had a use for. The nearby stream never did dry up all the year round and in the rainy season the only way to cross it was by a group of people holding hands to create a credible mass. An individual would be easily swept away. I have been there recently. The road is really dry and dusty. As dry as it can be. The small springs on the side are a forgotten story. They are not there even during the rainy season. The stream running from the hills is pathetic. The only thing which signifies that sometimes there is water there is the sandy, dug out river bed and rocks on the sides. It is actually a man-made gully due to sand harvesting. A few years to come there will be nothing because the occasional rains will be forever gone due deforestation.

Are we creating deserts for the future generations? This is sadly true although you might make a difference. Begin by reducing your carbon footprint as we urge the governments to do so too. That way we might change the future which right now looks bleak.


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