Riot of Ideas

I like sitting down and letting my imagination run amock, wander in to distant plains and valleys gathering bits of information and knowledge I never knew of. It’s like smoking thugnificent Kush from Boondocks, the one specially made for sitting on the couch all day and doing nothing, otherwise known as couch potato. Well, am not a couch potato and I don’t like to think myself as one. It’s only that my imagination fails me at times, many times.
 It’s now 2:18 am. I have spent the whole night and a part of the morning thinking of a pitch I want to make to a certain magazine. I also wanted to bang a 2000 word piece to accompany it. I have also spent the time trying to get inspiration from Electronica music. The likes of Vampire Weekend, Owl City and Empire of the Sun. My favourites. It works like magic. The music is soothing, relaxing and inspiring. It brings me to peace though a playlist is never complete without some punk and alternative rock, so I bring in Linkin Park and Crossfade. Surprisingly, the time tested trick is not working, at all. Fireflies from owl city works like magic, and when it’s topped up with alligator sky the cycle is complete. The song gives me awesome ideas, it’s like a part of me. Today it’s not working. I have listened it more than six times without yielding any results. 
It’s not the first time this is happening. It does happen once in a while. I can focus on different meaningless stuff but when it comes to what matters the most my brain goes haywire. I hate it. If banging my head on the wall could wake it up I could do it gladly but I am only going to hurt myself.   So I sit listen and wait for an idea miracle. Right now am thinking of how Steve Jobs should haunt Google from his ashes. Sooner or later android smart phones will be bigger than iphone. This should not happen. Guys at apple should figure out something, quick. I hate android, and I hate Eric Schmidt, the thief who joined apple board just to leave later and bang, android was born. May be they should make apple code open source, maybe it’ll work, maybe. While on it, will Steve Jobs reincarnate as an apple tree, apple aphid, apple maggot or just an ipad, just a thought. {Hey, I have been eating apples to hasten his reincarnation} Cool-:
Fireflies again, I miss fireflies, the real ones. Why doesn’t my hood have fireflies or crickets at least? I should visit home, visit mum and dad. There am guaranteed to see fireflies shining at night. What if I was a firefly? My ass would be glowing. I would have little fluttering wings. I would sleep during the day and wake at night to shine and glow. It would be a jolly good life. Take to the sky right now. Owl City just kills it. I love that little owl. It brings back memories. May be I travel to other worlds and come back without realizing it. ‘Legend of the guardians’. Why does it sound so familiar? Those wings will take me up so high, I have to take to the sky. Let me get that bird’s eye view and chase my dreams. Why do I always feel like that little owl? Africans don’t like owls. The bird of Minerva is said to bring bad omens. Some guys fear those big eyes, others fear the hoot. I grew up in up country. There was a myth {or a fact} that if an owl hoots near your house somebody was going to die. I never saw it happen. I have loved the birds since. 
If I go home in addition to the sight of graceful fireflies I might see an owl. I haven’t visited my parents since that magazine I was working for went under and I was laid off. Since then jobs have been hard to come by. I will have to visit them, sooner or later. I seem undecided on everything. If I can only write for that pitch now that I have ranted enough, or so I think.

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